The King is Dead - Long Live the King!

This is THE BEST summary of Stanley Random Chess I've ever read - my game has really improved!

- Joseph Schwartz
January of 1950.

Wow, just wow. Every time I analyze the famous game between Lowel Stone and Andrew Jackson Libby, I see more deeply into it. Mind Blown! Thank you SO MUCH!

- Frank Poole, 2001

Finally, I truly grasp the many layers of strategy behind the Drunken-Vulcan Gambit!

- Spock, Stardate 1207.3

I still don't get it...

Some A-Hole who only skimmed the first few pages.

Stanley Random Chess

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Newer players may want to start with our easier to understand e-book Stanley Random Chess - Beginner's Guide, which is a step-by-step guide to the rules and basic principles of the game.

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